Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out and About: Small Block

After several failed attempts to land a table at Small Block on previous visits, I finally managed to nab one with mates Sib and Tex in tow on the Labour Day public holiday. We were hung over. We needed something delicious, and we needed it fast.

We were told there would be a short wait, so we perused the chalkboard menu and enjoyed the sun before we were seated inside.

We were immediately served coffees which went down a treat - creamy and just the right temperature, the way a good coffee should be, so no complaints there.

Food orders were placed shortly after and arrived at the table fairly quickly given that the place was full by this stage.

Sib and I both went for the Summer Breakfast ($16.50) and I added a side of bacon ($3). It featured two perfectly poached eggs atop a crisp toasted bagel, with avocado, persian fetta and an absolutely superb beetroot relish. Also a side of spinach which I could have done without. It just didn't seem necessary.

I felt I'd made an excellent choice, but of course when Tex's plate came out I was immediately struck by a severe case of food envy. His Huevos Rancheros ($15) looked absolutely to die for (and must have been because they didn't last long). Crispy tortillas filled with beans and chorizo, topped with gorgeous fried eggs and fresh salsa. Yummm.....

The only thing that really let this great little cafe down was one staff member, whose service (or lack thereof) unfortunately left us feeling a bit put out. But apart from that the overall experience was a pleasant one, and I will definitely return (I have to try those tortillas!). And besides, maybe they were just hung over too.

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