Friday, September 9, 2011

Out & About: Kanteen

I visited Kanteen last weekend with Mr B and the ever dashing Mr C, after a recommendation from a friend at work. We rolled up around 11am and it was packed. But luckily for us Mr C had arrived early and grabbed us a table out the front, overlooking the Yarra. Tick!

First problem: cash only. Normally this wouldn't phase me, however neither Mr B or myself had a cent on us, and this place is seriously in the middle of nowhere. Why, I ask, would you implement a cash only policy in a place with NO access to an ATM anywhere nearby? Thankfully Mr C came to the rescue with the nice wad of cash in his wallet. .

We ordered coffee and juice, then proceeded to peruse the menu and admire all the cute puppies everywhere. (There were so many!)

Hmm, second problem: no bacon. What the HELL?! Ok ok, apparently there was bacon in the breakfast special, but I wasn't particularly interested in paying $18.50 just for a bit of piggy. So after a bit of back and forth I settled on the vegetarian brekky, which was a super delicious combo of homemade baked beans, toast, poached eggs, baby spinach and danish feta. It was good. And from memory I think around $15.

Mr B chose the breakfast pide, which at $9 was a total bargain, not to mention tasty. The pide was filled with a combo of herby scrambled eggs, mayo, cheese and spinach.

Mr C went for the healthy option of an avocado pide, which was served open and topped with cottage cheese, lemon juice and sea salt. He assures me it was delicious, and once again, at $9 you can't really go wrong.

Despite the couple of problems I mentioned, I have to say that overall I was pretty happy with my Kanteen experience. Our server was cute and cheeky, the scenery was lovely and the food was super tasty. Not sure if I'd make it a regular haunt, but it's definitely worth a visit on a nice sunny day.

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