Monday, November 8, 2010

Out & About: North Island

Some things are seriously underrated here in Australia. Take bagels as a prime example. I fell in love with them mid-last year when Mr B and I took a trip to America, and was bitterly disappointed upon my return home when I wasn't able to get them as readily as I would have liked. Don't get me wrong, they're around, but they are certainly not as prevalent here as they are in the States.

So you can imagine that I was very very happy when a friend told me about a cafe she had discovered called North Island (111 Scotchmer St, North Fitzroy), whose menu features a small-but-excellent selection of bagels. We decided to brunch immediately, and headed out there on Sunday morning.

This unassuming cafe seems to go slightly unnoticed on bustling Scotchmer St, and we were easily able to secure a table for 5 at 11am.

Whilst perusing the menu we ordered a round of coffees, which were promptly served and consumed. I was so happy with my cappucino ($3.30) that I immediately ordered a second! The only drawback here is that they do not serve skim milk, only full cream or soy. But hey, a little extra cream in your coffee every now and then is ok by me.

Three of us ordered the avocado bagel with lemon and black pepper ($7), with a side of cream cheese (additional 50c), and Hilary decided to be fancy with the smoked salmon, cream cheese, spanish onion & capers ($9).

What a perfect brunch this was! The lightly toasted bagels were perfectly crisp on the outside and super soft in the middle, and avocado with a fresh squeeze of lemon is one of my favourite combos, so that was a winner too. Hil assured me that her bagel was definitely worth a 4 out of 5, and could have only scored more brownie points with the addition of lemon as well.

All in all this is an awesome little cafe for a light brunch, with friendly, efficient staff, delicious food and a great relaxed atmosphere. We'll definitely be back, hopefully on a warmer day so we can enjoy the quaint courtyard!

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kate said...

The bagels are AMAZING but the coffee was really the highlight for me. Using Supreme Coffee and new formula Bonsoy milk (if you're into soy) - the best coffee I've had in ages! And if you choose take-away they have cups with very cool designs on them. Also the cafe is kid-friendly (but not overrun with prams) with a full wall doubling as a blackboard. Viva la North Island!

Rick said...

A big bagel fan, huh? I never got too excited about bagels, but I do enjoy them. There is a little sandwich shop in our small town that makes a good meal using bagels.

Peet said...

I really do love them Rick, so much more filling than your average bread! :)