Friday, November 5, 2010

Out & About: Bar Fred

Don't you just love a good bargain? I do, especially when the bargain is food. And even better still, PIZZA! So imagine how silly I felt when I was informed, that only a 10 minute drive away from my house there is a bar serving $5 gourmet pizzas.... How could I not know this??? Fool.


The lovely Hil was heading back to New Zealand for a whopping five days, so we decided to have a little farewell party at Bar Fred (797 Nicholson St, Carlton North) and indulge in some budget eats. When the invite came out I immediately hopped on Google to check out the menu, only to find that their website is nothing more than a white screen with a logo and address. Disappointing! So I moved on to Urban Spoon and read a few reviews. Now, most of the reviews said that the service was not good, ie: cranky grouchy staff - something that I find infuriating, but all noted that the cheap delicious pizza made it worthwhile. Feeling skeptical, Mr B and I headed over to meet the other farewellers and check it out for ourselves.

Allow me to set the scene... Picture a heaving bar full of hungry hipsters eager for a cheap night out, and two staff members. Yes, two. Immediately I understood why people were complaining about the service. However, I was pleasantly surprised! We ordered pretty much straight away and received our pizzas in a very reasonable timeframe, and without any attitude. I mean, the girl who brought them out wasn't exactly gushing with enthusiasm, but she was getting the job done efficiently, which is all you need really, isn't it?

And the pizzas were really really good. Crispy thin base topped with minimal but fresh, tasty toppings - just the way I like it. And did I mention they are $5??? The only catch being if you are not drinking alcohol - then they are $9, but still totally worth it in my opinion. Bar Fred also has one of the best beer selections I have seen around town, and they are also pretty cheap, so why wouldn't you treat yourself? Mr B and I settled on Budvar and they were only $5 a bottle. Talk about bargain central.

Overall I have to say my experience with this bar was a positive one, and I will definitely be returning for more tasty cheap eats in the future! And to those complaining about service... Suck it up! $5 pizza trumps a grouchy waitress any day.

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