Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes when the weekend hits I really want a good cafe style breakfast, but without having to deal with an actual cafe. And it's exactly these types of moments when nothing beats a good homemade BLT.

If you're lucky you'll have all the ingredients on hand, so not even a walk to the shop is necessary. Then you can stay in your pyjamas. 

1 fresh bread roll
3 rashers bacon
3 slices tomato
Iceberg lettuce
Sea salt & pepper

Heat a frypan and cook the bacon until your desired crispiness. Cut the bread roll in half lengthways and layer up the bacon, top with fresh tomato, crisp lettuce leaves, salt, pepper and lots (and I mean lots) of creamy mayonnaise. Delicious!

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Bo said...

Yum...nothing is better than a BLT for breakfast.