Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out & About: Golden Harvest

Trying new places is always risky... you can never be quite sure what you're going to get, and can quite often leave feeling disappointed. Which is why I like to go on recommendations. So when Sibby suggested we head out to Footscray for peking duck at this great place called Golden Harvest (15 Leeds Street, Footscray), I was immediately interested, as I haven't really explored the area.

We grabbed Kate and headed out last Sunday with high hopes and empty tummies, and managed to score a carspace right out front, which was a great way to kick off the day!

We of course started with a cup of fragrant jasmine tea, then realised that the restaurant was licensed and quickly ordered a round of beers!

We ordered two types of dumplings to start, the prawn and the chive, which I thought were supposed to be vegetarian, but as it turned out they both contained prawn (so best to check if you have any dietary requirements). The dumplings were super sticky and fresh, and tasted amazing, especially when dipped in a good helping of chilli sauce.

Next we shared the peking duck pancakes (1/2 duck), which as you can see were very generous in size and packed with loads of crispy, juicy duck meat and plenty of hoisin sauce. They were absolutely incredible!

For our mains we shared plates of sizzling mongolian lamb, chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and vegetarian fried rice. The lamb was brought out in a little bowl which our waitress poured onto the hot plate at the table, adding a great bit of atmosphere.

The chinese broccoli was perfectly crisp with lashings of oyster sauce, and the rice, although it might look a bit plain, was fluffy and absolutely packed with flavour.

Golden Harvest's prices were very reasonable, and the food of an extremely high quality. Our lunch came to around $85, including drinks.

Will we be back? Absolutely!

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The Peking Duck looks delicious!!!