Friday, August 27, 2010

Out & About: Dr Jekyll

Can you tell I like my weekend breakfasts? I just looked back through my Out & About posts and nearly all of them contain eggs! Well this one shall be no different.

We actually went to Dr Jekyll (107 Grey Street, St Kilda) a little while ago now, and for some reason I neglected to write about it here. Not due to any fault on their part, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was welcoming and warm. According to our St Kilda local friends this used to be a teeny tiny cafe, but they have recently expanded, taking over the space next door and filling it with comfortable communal tables. There was a little leafy courtyard out back too, but given the chilly Melbourne morning we opted to sit inside.

The menu is very simple, but still manages to keep things interesting. I went for the Jekyll Eggs (poached of course) with chorizo & feta ($14) plus a side of avocado ($3.50). It was beautiful! The feta was smeared across the crunchy sourdough, the chorizo was crispy and the eggs cooked to perfection. The generous serving of avocado was definitely needed for freshness and really rounded off the dish for me.

Dustin went for the scrambled eggs with smoked trout and chive créme fraiche ($14.50), which arrived on the most amazing looking bread!

Mr B also went with the Jekyll Eggs, but scrambled instead of poached, and Franc went for the most simple and classic of all brekkies - sourdough toast with preserves ($5.50).

Our breakfast was of a very high standard, the coffees were absolutely amazing and the service was friendly and efficient. The only thing missing from this bustling cafe is bacon! But hey, sometimes a change is good.

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